General Questions


What is the Jupl Safety Watch?

    The Jupl Safety Watch is a 3G enabled smartwatch and an emergency response device.  What this means, is that the wearer of the watch is able to push a button that calls an emergency contact as well as send emergency alerts with location to nominated carers if they become distressed or vulnerable.

    Who is the Jupl Safety Watch for?

      The Jupl Safety Watch can be used by anyone who needs the assurance that help is only a press of a button away. This can be used by elderly people to call for help, lone workers, victims of domestic violence, sufferers of dementia, people who spend time alone, etc.

      How does the Jupl Safety Watch work?

        By activating the alert, a voice call is made to the nominated carer with additional information being sent over SMS/Email or our Friends and Family app to any additional carers as well.  The carer can then respond and ensure the watch wearer gets the help required.

        Is the Jupl Safety Watch monitored by a 24/7 response centre?

          No, the Jupl Safety Watch is not monitored by a 24/7 response centre. The emergency call is routed to a contact of your choice, which in most cases is a carer or a family member. If you are interested in having your Jupl Safety Watch monitored by a 24/7 monitoring centre, please contact us on 0800 003 127 (NZ) or 1300 544 722 (AU) as we have partners who provide this service.


          Using the device

          How do I activate the Jupl Safety Watch?

            By pressing on the top button, on the right-hand side of the watch.

            Can I wear the Jupl Safety Watch in the shower?

              Yes, the Jupl Safety Watch is IP68 certified – dust and water proof (up to 1.5m for 30 mins)

              If the watch has no mobile coverage, can it still track and report GPS location or send an emergency call?

                Without mobile coverage, the watch will not be able to send it

                How do I charge the Jupl Safety Watch?

                  The watch comes with a wireless charger. We recommend putting the watch on the charger every night before going to bed.

                  How long do I charge it for?

                    The watch takes approximately 2 hours to fully charge when using the supplied charger.

                    How long does the battery last?

                      The battery is expected to last a full day under normal conditions. More if no alert activations occur during the day. We recommend charging the battery on the cradle every night beside the bed.

                      Can I make phone calls out of the watch?

                        You can call a preprogrammed number from the watch. To set up or change this number, please give us a call on 0800 003 127 (NZ) or 1300 544 722 (AU).

                        Can my family call me on the watch?

                          Yes. The watch has its own mobile number. Anyone who knows this number can call in to the watch. To answer the call, either swipe the green tab that appears when a call is incoming to the right, or, rotate the bezel clockwise for a quarter turn.


                          Friends and Family App

                          What is the Friends and Family app?

                            Jupl Friends and Family is a free app provided by Jupl to compliment the Jupl Safety Watch. The app allows carers to have peace of mind by passing on any out of the norm events that occur in regard to the wearer.

                            How does it work?

                              The app and watch both connect to our cloud platform.

                              Where can I get it? Android and iPhone?

                                The Friends and Family App is currently only available on Android devices.  An iOS App will be out very soon.

                                How do I get a login and password?

                                  A login and password will be sent to your email used to create your account.


                                  Payment and shipping

                                  What is included in the price?

                                    The price includes the watch as well as a prepaid subscription for the duration you chose. This covers all data and 10 minutes of outgoing voice calls a month. Any calls over this will be charged extra at the price specified in the plans.

                                    Do I ever have to pay anything again?

                                      This package covers the watch hardware as well as the subscription to the services described above. We will notify you once you are reaching the end of your term to ask if you wish to renew your services.

                                      How do I pay for your service?

                                        Payments are handled securely at checkout via credit card.

                                        Where is the Jupl Safety Watch being shipped from?

                                          The Jupl Safety Watch is being shipped from our Headquarters in Auckland, New Zealand.

                                          How much is shipping?

                                            Shipping is calculated based on where you are and billed as a separate line item when you buy the watch. At the moment, we only ship to Australia and New Zealand.